A Whole New World

An Angelic Rock Opera

13 stand-alone singles;

One Angelic Rock Opera.

A Whole New World follows a character, Kulna, who has entered into a love relationship that he knew was doomed from the beginning.

Kulna’s sense of loss and depression is consistently interrupted by strange voices telling him things he can’t comprehend (symbolized by the character’s vocals being sung in English while the mysterious voices are sung in Arabic).

As the album progresses, the voices reveal themselves to be angels, which causes Kulna to question his sanity, and then his entire reality.

The bulk of the songs on the album are songs of lost love, which are harmonized uniquely with these “angelic” harmonies.

Kulna evolves from being despondent, and in great pain, to eventually rising into jubilance and rebirth.

There are points when the angels sing briefly English, and other points where Kulna sings in Arabic, signifying that effective communication between the Kulna and his angels has been established.

Many of the songs in the opera are polytonal in nature: the angel voices being sung in a musical key which is separate and distinct from than that of the main song being sung by Kulna and the band.

Thus, the songs have two separate but harmonious musical worlds. This makes for some rare and rich six-part harmony not common in popular music.

Five angels reveal themselves to Kulna, by name, over the course of the opera: Gabriel, Raphael, Sachiel, Samael and Uriel.

In the world of these angels, Kulna’s problems have already been solved. It’s up to him to decide which world he will treasure: that of his lost love and despair, or this new world of the angels, which exists beyond all problems.

These angelic voices reassure Kulna, unceasingly, that their world exists deep within himself and always has.