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Michael Jackson is arguably the greatest entertainer who ever lived. He won the hearts of America during his earlier days in the Jackson Five and became an international household name when he released his groundbreaking solo effort, Thriller.

MJ was crowned King of Pop by his longtime friend Elizabeth Taylor and his title stuck throughout his life until he fell victim to addiction and big pharma.

His performances were electrifying, his voice displayed a wide spectrum of emotion: angry, desperate, sad, joyous, and the age old emotional sin: erotic.

The King exuded sex with his pelvic thrusts to his vocalizations that resembled sounds coming from a bedroom. The closing scene of black and white was banned from broadcast television because it was deemed too provocative in nature.

With so many songs deemed sexual in nature, we had a tough time narrowing it down to four candidates for Michael Jackson’s sexiest song: Rock With You, The Way You Make Me Feel, Keep It In The Closet, and Dirty Diana.

Last week we ran a poll with thousands of Michael Jackson fans to determine which one will be crowned MJ’s Sexiest Song and there was a clear winner: The Way You Make Me Feel.

The hit song was released in 1987 at the height of MJ’s career. The music video shows a clear attempt at getting in with a girl who is unbelievably hot with those healthy legs and skinny arms.

At one point Michael actively thrusts his pelvis forward in such a way that it even caught MJ fans off-guard. The music video is so steamy especially during the silhouette group dancing where pelvic thrusts were aimed at the gravely streets.

In celebration of crowning MJ’s sexiest song, angelic rock opera band Alaeddin is set to release its own version of The Way You Make Me Feel in a couple of weeks.

Click here to stream the song on YouTube.

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"The Evil", a Truly Twisted Continuation of the Angelic Rock Opera Saga.

“The Evil” the new single, out on Halloween

“The Evil” the new single, out on Halloween

Angelic rock opera producer and chief of the SoCal rock band Alaeddin is Emo Alaeddin. He takes on the challenge of turning evil into something beautiful with the upcoming release of “The Evil”.

Since as far back as we can remember, music and the term evil have enjoyed a dynamic relationship.

During the Renaissance, the Locrian mode was banned, accusing the mode of being sourced by the devil himself. In music theory, the augmented 4th enables the mode to span three whole steps usually producing an unpleasant feeling, thus the ban.

Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, Marilyn Manson; the list of artists who were tied to the devil were in many ways the very boost they needed to become household names.

Some artists, such as the legendary Robert Johnson and Bob Dylan have been even rumored to had signed pacts with the devil to further their careers. As far from reality as this may seem, public hysteria has always been closely associated with music and the darkness.

When Alaeddin released their debut angelic rock opera with the character Kulna at the helm, it became evident that the character was able to connect with the unworldly, namely his angels: Gabriel, Sachiel, and Rafael. But with the followup album being currently recorded by chief creator, producer, and singer Emo Alaeddin at Granted Records, it’s been made clear that the demons will be introduced into the story as Kulna’s new connection.

Emo Alaeddin, of Alaeddin

Emo Alaeddin, of Alaeddin

So aside from Demons, what else is there to expect from the new album? Well, Emo Alaeddin is keeping his cards very close to his chest. “If you think I’d just screaming demonic voices into the mic, you’re in for a very big surprise. The demons are not only in the vocals, but the instruments too.”

AP, lead singe for Long Beach rockers NepCali, had a closed-room listening session and commented “I need a minute to collect myself after hearing what I just heard.”

What in the world is he talking about? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

“The Evil”, Alaeddin’s lead-off single from the upcoming new album arrives this Halloween everywhere. A special online screening event will take place on the release date by clicking here.

Ma Tihtammi (Official Lyric Video--Alaeddin)

In the first album, Angels were introduced. For the first time, Demons step into the ring.

“Ma Tihtammi,” the August single, features the haunting pharyngeal demon voice. If you frighten easily, turn a light on.

Striking nine-part vocal harmonies erupt all throughout the song.Listen for the voices of three angels giving guidance to the character in the song; then notice the voices of three demons tempting him to look away from his joy.

Which voices do you think he'll listen to?

Ma Tihtammi

(Verse 1)

Lover of mine

Together we’re still entwined

No one around at least this time

the sacred words, truly defined

Your eyes, the mask is your disguise

But where we stand there are no lies

Except the one we realize.


W ma tihtammi b'ishi ghair ilwad3 il7ali

7ub zay heik b3umurna mush ra7 nla'i


(Verse 2)

Is it a crime? Haven’t we done the time?

Forbidden love is hard to find, but nowhere near as to survive

Tonight, the treacherous final mile

You’re letting go, you can’t deny

Will we fail or will we fly


W ma tihtammi b'ishi ghair ilwad3 il7ali

7ub zay heik b3umurna mush ra7 nla'i



Ma Tihtammi bshu ra7 yseer

We’ve got ecach other that’s all we need

Law mutna bukra w dayya3na kul shee

At least we loved uncontrolled by fear


W ma tihtammi b'ishi ghair ilwad3 il7ali

7ub zay heik b3umurna mush ra7 nla'i



Yilla uli mishan 3yuni

Ra7 tdallik uw3ik t'umi

Daruri inno ma3ay tkuni

Yella dallik uw3ik t'umi


This single, Ma Tihtammi, is the third installment in our current campaign: 24 singles in 24 months.

We produce a brand new single each and every month!

Please let us know what you think of the song!

The CD Single has exclusive tracks not available digitally!

The CD Single has exclusive tracks not available digitally!

Download the Digital Single Here!

Download the Digital Single Here!

The Great Divide (Official Lyric Video) - Alaeddin


A Whole New World

An Angelic Rock Opera

Track 5 — The Great Divide

The Great Divide is a new classic rock ballad. It sees the character, Kulna, at the depth of his despair.

The angelic Arabic harmonies are rare and precious. They respond with encouragement to the grieving Kulna. He hears their voices, and he knows that he is not alone, but he doesn't understand what they are saying.

But is he trying to listen?

Maybe these voices are real. Maybe they can help him. Or maybe these "voices" are nothing more than Kulna being seduced into self-delusion.

The CD Single exclusively contains 3 alternate mixes: Angelic Mix, Karaoke and Instrumental, not available in a digital format!

A Whole New World (Official Lyric Video) --Alaeddin


This is the title track from our Angelic Rock Opera, A Whole New World

Please let us know what you think of it!

A Whole New World

An Angelic Rock Opera

Track 11 is the title song of A Whole New World.

Here is Kulna finding forgiveness. He sings of the love that he once felt as being worth it. He sings to his lost love with tenderness and genuine care. Whereas previously in the opera he voiced similar sentiments about his lost love, but they were done with bitterness still in his heart.

Here is a man set free. A Whole New World is a jubilant affirmation of a mind redeemed-- a mind at peace with itself.

Kulna sings of not being sorry for having had the encounter which had caused him so much pain, and we believe he is telling the truth. 

The Angel voices have great words of joy to add to his revelation. The harmonies are lush and inspiriting. The polytonal harmonies work to blend two worlds together. While the angels sing in one key, and Kulna sings in another, in this song it adds to the joy of his awakening.

The CD single exclusively has THREE alternate mixes: Angelic Mix, Karaoke and Instrumental.

Where is the Light? (Official Lyric Video) -- Alaeddin


A Whole New World

An Angelic Rock Opera

Track 3: Where is the Light?

Kulna, is grieving his loss. He sings of darkness filling the skies and the loss of his inner light. In the midst of his despondency, Kulna senses a strange presence. He is certain he is hearing voices, but where are they coming from? What are they saying? Is he losing his sanity, or are they real?

The Voices, singing in Arabic, frequently reassure Kulna, "You are the light," but he doesn't understand what they are saying.

Where is the Light?, is an in infectious rock anthem and was the first single released from the album, A Whole New World.

The CD Single exclusively contains 3 alternate mixes: Angelic Mix, Karaoke and Instrumental.