Where is the Light? (Official Lyric Video) -- Alaeddin


A Whole New World

An Angelic Rock Opera

Track 3: Where is the Light?

Kulna, is grieving his loss. He sings of darkness filling the skies and the loss of his inner light. In the midst of his despondency, Kulna senses a strange presence. He is certain he is hearing voices, but where are they coming from? What are they saying? Is he losing his sanity, or are they real?

The Voices, singing in Arabic, frequently reassure Kulna, "You are the light," but he doesn't understand what they are saying.

Where is the Light?, is an in infectious rock anthem and was the first single released from the album, A Whole New World.

The CD Single exclusively contains 3 alternate mixes: Angelic Mix, Karaoke and Instrumental.