A Whole New World (Official Lyric Video) --Alaeddin


This is the title track from our Angelic Rock Opera, A Whole New World

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A Whole New World

An Angelic Rock Opera

Track 11 is the title song of A Whole New World.

Here is Kulna finding forgiveness. He sings of the love that he once felt as being worth it. He sings to his lost love with tenderness and genuine care. Whereas previously in the opera he voiced similar sentiments about his lost love, but they were done with bitterness still in his heart.

Here is a man set free. A Whole New World is a jubilant affirmation of a mind redeemed-- a mind at peace with itself.

Kulna sings of not being sorry for having had the encounter which had caused him so much pain, and we believe he is telling the truth. 

The Angel voices have great words of joy to add to his revelation. The harmonies are lush and inspiriting. The polytonal harmonies work to blend two worlds together. While the angels sing in one key, and Kulna sings in another, in this song it adds to the joy of his awakening.

The CD single exclusively has THREE alternate mixes: Angelic Mix, Karaoke and Instrumental.