Finding your birth angel

Your birth angel

According to angel lore, you can find out who you birth angel is.

It was said that there are eight archangels that are present at the birth of children. The angel who was present at your birth is one of those eight, and will always be with you your entire life on this earth.

Of course, there are many, many angels around all of us, at all times, but your birth angel is very intimately interested in a your well being.

In order to find out which of the eight archangels is your birth angel, you will need to know which sign of the zodiac the moon was in when you were born. This is called your "moon sign" in astrology.  You can find it online very easily, and for free. For instance:

Once you know your moon sign, you can just refer to the following list. Some angels rule two signs. That is not a mistake.

Remember, the birth angels don't correspond to your sun sign, only to your moon sign.  This is because the moon rules childbirth, so it points to the angel who was present when you were born.


Angel Bracelets from Alaeddin:

While these bracelets don’t have any kind of special power there is a tradition of certain gemstones being “attuned” to certain angels.

We chose some bracelets with specific stones to correspond with each angel.

You might want to wear your bracelet all day long.

You could also wear it as an anklet.

Perhaps you want to only wear your bracelet while you are spending quiet time with your angel.

There are no rules.


Moon sign/Angel name













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