Alaeddin Covers a Who Classic

Alaeddin is the first angelic rock opera band and it’s only fitting that the man behind the sub genre pays homage to the first loudest rock band in history, The Who. “Love Reign O’er Me” is one of the most iconic and epic songs written in rock histrory

What makes a song epic? Producer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and mixing engineer for Alaeddin, Emo Alaeddin, explains: 

“It was difficult to define the word ‘epic’ in the world of music before the arrival of The Who. 

Prior to the musical magic and soaring vocals sorcery of The Who, music was just, well, music. Music lovers would gather around a radio and listen to some very “safe” sounds and would attend a “pleasant” performance and just continue on with their humdrum lives.

Sure, there were the Beatles and Elvis fanatics who screamed their prepubescent faces off in such loud volumes that the band was barely audible anymore. But in hindsight, pandemonium was nowhere near the stage; it was all sourced from the fans and their undying crush on the band members.

The Who brought pandemonium and hysteria to the stage in unprecedented fashion. Never before did a rock play at such loud volumes, destroyed guitars and amps. Nor did one ever set off fireworks inside their drum kits only to pretty much blow out the guitarist’s ear drum. 

This pandemonium and disregard for the material sparked something in the society psyche. It sparked a revolution of the mind; it sparked a realization that love doesn’t have to be pretty. Life doesn’t have to be pretty. 

In fact, The Who taught me that nothing will ever go as planned so you better be ready to deal with changes, because they are coming and they are not stopping. 

Before I grabbed the microphone and agreed to take on the role of Roger Daltrey in the legendary tribute to The Who, Whosnext (now known as The Who Experience), I had no clue the personal changes I would undergo as I walked in the shoes of the different characters that Roger portrayed.

In every lyric, I tried to channel what Roger and Pete wanted the character to portray. Not just Tommy, but the various characters and faces of “Roger” throughout the lifetime of The Who.

After three beautiful years of packed festivals and sold out theaters, I stepped away from Whosnext and pursued my own dream of becoming someone else entirely. Not Roger. Not even Emo. But Kulna: a fictional character and the lead character in my angelic rock opera band Alaeddin.

I put out a poll and sought out Who fans to vote what to them is the most epic song of The Who. 

Won’t Get Fooled Again was the clear winner with almost half the votes going to the epic anthem. 

Being the underdog, I decided to record my own version of Love Reign O’er Me. For the die hard fans, you’ll need to listen to this angelic rock opera version with a very open mind. 

Even though it came in second, I present to you Love Reign O'er Me as a free download which includes a link to a behind the scenes video that shows how I produced this monster of a track.”

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