New Lead-Off Single for The Upcoming New Album

Angelic rock opera producer and chief of the SoCal rock band Alaeddin is Emo Alaeddin. He takes on the challenge of turning evil into something beautiful with the release of “The Evil”.


Since as far back as we can remember, music and the term evil have enjoyed a dynamic relationship.

During the Renaissance, the Locrian mode was banned, accusing the mode of being sourced by the devil himself. In music theory, the augmented 4th enables the mode to span three whole steps usually producing an unpleasant feeling, thus the ban.

Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, Marilyn Manson; the list of artists who were tied to the devil were in many ways the very boost they needed to become household names.

Some artists, such as the legendary Robert Johnson and Bob Dylan have been even rumored to had signed pacts with the devil to further their careers. As far from reality as this may seem, public hysteria has always been closely associated with music and the darkness.

When Alaeddin released their debut angelic rock opera with the character Kulna at the helm, it became evident that the character was able to connect with the unworldly, namely his angels: Gabriel, Sachiel, and Rafael. But with the followup album being currently recorded by chief creator, producer, and singer Emo Alaeddin at Granted Records, it’s been made clear that the demons will be introduced into the story as Kulna’s new connection.

So aside from Demons, what else is there to expect from the new album? Well, Emo Alaeddin is keeping his cards very close to his chest. “If you think I’d just screaming demonic voices into the mic, you’re in for a very big surprise. The demons are not only in the vocals, but the instruments too.”

AP, lead singer for Long Beach rockers NepCali, had a closed-room listening session and commented “I need a minute to collect myself after hearing what I just heard.”

What in the world is he talking about? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

“The Evil”, Alaeddin’s lead-off single from the upcoming new album is available everywhere.

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