Alaeddin are the pioneers of angelic rock opera; a genre that combines soaring guitars and synths with English and Arabic vocals. The lead singer, creator, and producer Emo Alaeddin fronts the 6-piece band.

Emo Alaeddin's career has spanned two decades but it has also spanned several continents. He’s performed in venues and festivals in such countries as England, Germany, Spain, Denmark, China, Jordan, Syria, and the UAE. He’s had two music videos featured on MTV and has had a two page spread in Rolling Stone during a 5 year residency in the Middle East. He’s trained with the top vocal coaches in the world, has an impressive 5 octave range, and sings in two languages: Arabic and English.

These unique abilities coupled with the fact that he records all the instruments minus the drums, mixes and masters all of his instruments is what creates the unique sound of angelic rock opera.

Alaeddin's high energy set is the perfect fit for promoters looking to usher something new and exciting to their roster of artists. 

You can contact Alaeddin directly by emailing info@grantedrecords.com