New Single by Alaeddin "1776"

The very essence of music is the ability for the writer to freely express himself without fear of consequence. 

In response to the very credible allegations of election fraud in the 2020 presidential elections, Alaeddin frontman and chief writer/producer/mixer Emad "Emo" Alaeddin has decided to step out of the world of Kulna and address the importance of keeping the sacred right of expression. 

In just one night, Emo Alaeddin wrote the entire song and over three nights with the assistance of drummer Johnny Arnold, the song was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered. 

Thanks to the support of Peter Takla of Media Ave Studios, the music video was made possible along with the brave actors who were featured in the video. 

We hope you enjoy Alaeddin's new release, "1776"


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