Beneath the Mask

The new album is here!

In September of 2019, my world had changed, and the life I knew was no longer. Decisions I made during that month led me to be kicked out of my own home and my own recording studio. But this time, my challenges were something I'd only dreamed about. I was set free.

I'd grown accustomed to allowing things to be added or taken away from my life, and almost accepted that there were some things I had no control over.

My personal life, my work life, and my music were heading in a direction of utter destruction. In fact, I dreaded waking up every day and I struggled to make it to noon without being filled with anxiety that I could not get out of.

My music always acted as my sanctuary, but that had been, for lack of a better word, overtaken.

Fear had always been my reason for putting up with situations that I was not happy with. Fear of having no work, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown.

But ever since I released last year's album, I had tapped into a new source of energy, strength, and courage to longer be a victim of my own surroundings.

I was tired of being with people who misunderstood; and what I was most tired of was allowing people to control my life as they had known me better than I had known myself.

And so I took a stance and defended my own honor and became the man I wanted to be. Yes, I lost a lot because of it; I slept on floors, I had no money, a lot of whom I thought were friends were gone. But what I had left was all I needed: my voice, my passion, and the very few who believed in me..

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